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Having studied at prestigious universities and institutions across the country, the Cloudlake Dental team is skilled in the most modern dental techniques and practices. Our attentive and personable staff ensures an enjoyable experience for all patients, starting from the moment they contact our office.

Name: Kunal Saggar DDS
Role: Dentist
Hometown: Farmingdale, NY
Elementary School: Chestnut Hill
Long Islander since: 1990
Holiday: Halloween
Coffee order: Iced coffee, hold the sweetener
Ice cream topping: Peanut butter

Name: Taylor
Role: Office Manager
Hometown: Rye, NY
Elementary School: Rye Country Day
Long Islander since: 2016
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Coffee order: Iced soy latte w/ extra whip
Ice cream topping: Hot fudge

Name: Sabrina
Role: Dental Assistant
Hometown: South Burlington, VT
Elementary School: Orchard Elementary
Long Islander since: 2011
Holiday: Christmas
Coffee order: Something sugary w/ espresso
(Don’t tell my dentist)
Ice cream topping: Whipped cream

Name: Matina
Role: Patient Coordinator
Hometown: Plainview, NY
Elementary School: Kramer Lane
Long Islander since: 1991
Holiday: New Years
Coffee order: Chai latte w/ coconut milk
Ice cream topping: Shaved coconut

Name: Zohra
Role: Dental Hygienist
Hometown: Hicksville, NY
Elementary School: Old Country Road
Long Islander since: 2000
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Coffee order: Strawberry acai tea
Ice cream topping: Kit Kat

Name: Jasper
Role: Dog
Hometown: New York, NY
Elementary School: Yes
Long Islander since: 2016
Holiday: Hannukah
Coffee order: Extra whip Puppuccino
Ice cream topping: Chicken? Yes,

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