The forever fix

Dental implants repair your smile and revitalize your oral health. No matter the cause, we permanently fix or replace damaged or missing teeth using the latest implant technologies and methods. We create same-day, single-visit and All-on-4 implants that match your natural teeth and maintain your overall dental health.

Single-Visit Dental Implants & All-on-4 Implants

Beautiful and natural restorations

Using state-of-the-art design software, Dr. Saggar creates beautiful and natural-looking prosthetics for your implants.

Compatible with your body

Titanium and zirconia implants are biocompatible and actually promote the health of your gums and jaw bone.

Protect your health

Left untreated, lost teeth eventually lead to gum disease, tooth decay, bone loss, and problems eating and speaking.

Durable enough to last a lifetime

With proper care, including brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups, your same-day implants are a permanent restoration.

Same-day & Single-visit Implants

Can permanently replace one or more broken, cracked, or lost teeth.

Can last a lifetime and can be brushed and flossed.

Are firmly placed in the jawbone creating a solid bite.

Look and function exactly like your natural teeth.


Can replace multiple damaged teeth and often a complete upper or lower arch.

Require frequent maintenance, adjustment, and repair.

Must be attached to the gums with a sticky and inconvenient adhesive.

Often have an unnatural appearance and can lead to problems eating or speaking.

Fillings and Crowns

Can only repair a single damaged tooth and can’t be used to completely replace missing teeth.

Must be replaced about every 10 years.

Are attached to existing tooth structure and may encourage further cracks and breakage.

Depending on the materials used, fillings and crowns may not look like a natural tooth.

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